Setting Date/Time in a RidePlayer

Unlike the V16X which can be set using the Set Variable event in WinScript, the RidePlayer’s Real-time Clock (RTC) is designed to pull time from a reference source, such as a V16X.

There are two ways to go about updating the RTC on a RidePlayer – one is using an external reference source, and the other is via AMI Terminal.


If you have a V16X in the system, you are able to set it as a PTP / NTP master, and then set the RidePlayer to follow a PTP / NTP master clock. In this case, we will use a V16X as the external master clock. 

  1. To do so in WinScript 6, go to the Clocks section of the Script Configuration window (found in the Configuration tab of the open script file).
  2. On the V16X, set the Network Clock Out to PTP / NTP on the corresponding network port which the RidePlayer is connected to.Screen_Shot_2022-12-08_at_12.31.55_PM.png
  3. On the RidePlayer, set the Source to PTP / NTP on the Master Clock settings.Screen_Shot_2022-12-08_at_12.31.44_PM.png
  4. Send both updated scripts to the V16X and RidePlayer respectively. Once the units are locked (as indicated by the Lock light on each unit), the RidePlayer’s RTC will update to match the settings of the V16X.


Another way the clock can be set on the RidePlayer is by using AMI Terminal directly.

  1. You'll need to point AMI Terminal to the RidePlayer's Media/Sync IP port 2638 (NOT the Control IP).
  2. To update the Date, send "MM/DD/YYYYDARP\r" where MM is the Month, DD is the Day, and YYYY is the Year.Screen_Shot_2022-12-08_at_12.34.01_PM.png
  3. To update the Time, send "HH:MM:SSTIRP\r" where HH is the Hour, MM is the Minute, and SS is the Second.Screen_Shot_2022-12-08_at_12.34.19_PM.png


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