Can I use a CF or SD card in the V16Pro/V4Pro/VCore larger than 16GB?

Currently the V16Pro ships with an SD or Compact Flash card size of 4GB. 

If you need to use a larger size, use these instructions below to set to set to desired size. These instructions set the size to 2GB. Be sure to select the correct "Volume" to format!

1.Open a command Window (Windows-> Start -> cmd)
2.Type "diskpart"

A new window will open up with a “diskpart>” prompt

3.Type "list disk"
4.Type "select disk n" (where n is the number of your CF card)
5.Type "list volume"
6.Type "select volume n" (where n is the number of CF card volume)
7.**Type "clean all"

**WARNING: this completely re-formats the disk – make sure you have selected the correct volume! It will take a while and appear to hang but be patient

8.Type "create partition primary"

(this gives the newly formatted CF card a partition so it can be resized)

9.Type "shrink querymax"

This will tell you how much space is currently on available on your CF card. Subtract this from the filesize in MB you want for the final disk, then add 1. For 32GB disk, shrink querymax returns: “The maximum number of reclaimable bytes is: 30590MB” Final disk size of 2GB which is 1954MB so 30590 – 1954 + 1= 28637

10.Type "shrink desired = 28637"

This tells diskpart to try and shrink the disk by 28637 MB.
Now that the disk is the right size, you can format the partition typing:

12. "format fs=FAT32 label="V16Pro" unit=4096 quick"

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