Dante (Ultimo/BrooklynII) Firmware Update Procedure

This procedure explains the steps required to update the firmware in the Audinate devices.  For this procedure you will need to install Audinate Firmware Update Manager software (further referenced as FUM) and obtain a proper firmware file (.dnt) from Alcorn McBride tech support.  You can find the link to the latest FUM version below.

Connection requirements for Dante firmware update is that the PC and the Dante device are both on the same network.  If you are unable to set the Dante static IP or you do not know the Dante IP, please contact support for further instructions.  Audinate recommends using DHCP and have units acquire the IPs automatically from the DHCP server to avoid any issues with subnets, etc.

Note, that it's possible to update multiple devices at the same time.  Each detected device will be available in the FUM "Matched Device" view.

1. Open FUM.  It's advised to run the software in admin mode.  You may also need to disable your firewall in order for the devices to come up in the list.  If the PC has multiple network cards, a prompt will ask you which network interface you want to use.

2. Click Browse and select the .dnt file that was supplied to you by the tech support.

3. In the next window, FUM will attempt to scan your network in order to detect all the available devices that match the loaded .dnt file information.  A list of devices will show up once the scan process is complete.

4. Verify and tick (first column) each device you want to update in the "Matched Devices" list and click Start.

5.  It may take up to a minute to update the device at which point the software will prompt to have the updated devices power cycled.

6.  Once the devices are power cycled, you can verify new firmware version in the device by going back in the FUM and rescanning the network or using Dante Controller software to view the version information for a specific Dante device.


Download Audinate Firmware Update Manager here

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