How to change ShowTouch page automatically on a variable change or output change or "Panel Display Page" Winscript Event

You can have ShowTouch pages change automatically based on a predefined variable value in your script. This could be used for example if you want to display a certain page on a touch panel if a fire alarm is activated.


To have ShowTouch display a particular page follow the next step:

1) Open your panel in WinScript4

2) Right click on the background and select "Edit Action..."

3) Select "Actions for this page" and then "Add"

4) Now select "Display Page"

5) Choose the page you want to display and then select "Next"

6) Click on "Variable" and then select the variable you want to use. Then on the lower section next to Value, type the value you want to use to trigger the page change.


That's it!. Now anytime the variable changes to the specified value, the ShowTouch panel will display the page selected.

You can do this to multiple pages and you can display pages triggered by sequences, variables, inputs, outputs and on iOS devices iBecons.


To Use the Panel Display Page WinScript Event, the page you're trying to display has to have some sort of "connection" to the home page of the panel, like a button. How showtouch works, it is designed to cull any unused pages to save on memory usage. It assumes a page is unused if there's no link via a button to get to it, even though it's a part of your "panel" design. The button does not have to be on your home page, but just on one of the pages that a user could navigate to.

If you don't want the user to have a button that could navigate to that page, you could a design hidden link to the page either via a page action or a transparent button (to create a transparent button, you'd need a transparent .png file).
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