How do I use MediaFlow from the command line

Starting in version 1.13, MediaFlow has a command line interface for converting media for the A/V Binloop Uncompressed.  Media Conversions for other products are not supported by the command line interface.

MediaFlowc.exe requires administrative privileges to function.  If run in a non-privileged command prompt, it will attempt to re-run as administrator before starting the conversion - you'll notice this as a second command prompt window opening.  To avoid this, run from a command prompt with administrative privileges.  

MediaFlowc.exe is located in the MediaFlow installation directory.

mediaflowc -src=<path> -dst(4k#)=(<path>|Volume) [options]

<path> Absolute path of source or destination directory.
Volume R2KU drive label
-dst= 1080p/2k FULL destination
-dst4k1= 4K Quadrant 1 (Top Left) destination
-dst4k2= 4K Quadrant 2 (Top Right) destination
-dst4k3= 4K Quadrant 3 (Bottom Left) destination
-dst4k4= 4K Quadrant 4 (Bottom Right) destination

-ifr=(23.976|25|29.97|47.952|50|59.94|100|119.88) Input framerate [default: 59.94]
-vo=(AMT|TGA) Output format [default: TGA]
-f Force output path overwrite.
-tf Frames to process [default: all]
(-?|-h) Show this help screen.
-e Show examples.
-si Silent (suppress info messages).
-sa Silent (suppress all messages).


Convert/Copy 1080p source to AMT from c:\src_1080 to C:\dst (do not force overwrite)
mediaflowc -src="C:\src_1080" -dst="C:\dst" -vo=AMT

Convert/Copy 100 frames of 1080p source to TGA from c:\src_1080 to C:\dst (force overwrite)
mediaflowc -src="C:\src_1080" -dst="C:\dst" -vo=TGA -f -tf=100

Split 4K source to TGA files at 47.952 source frame rate (do not force overwrite)
Quadrant 1 to drive with volume R2KU_Slot1
Quadrant 2 to drive H:\
mediaflowc -src="C:\src_4k" -dst4k1="R2KU_Slot1" -dst4k2="H:" -ifr=47.952

Split 4K source to AMT files: Quad 1,2,3,4 to matching R2KU drive labeling (force overwrite)
mediaflowc -src="C:\src_4k" -dst4k1="R2KU_Slot1" -dst4k2="R2KU_Slot2" -dst4k3="R2KU_Slot3" -dst4k4="R2KU_Slot4" -f -vo=AMT

Suppress info, but show warnings and errors:
mediaflowc -src="C:\src_1080" -dst="C:\dst" -vo=AMT -si

Suppress ALL messages:
mediaflowc -sa -src="C:\src_1080" -dst="C:\dst" -vo=AMT

Suppress ALL, but show invalid arguments:
Note: Same as previous example, but -sa is the last option
mediaflowc -src="C:\src_1080" -dst="C:\dst" -vo=AMT -sa



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