List of Error Codes and Error Messages

Common across all products
"R\r"      Acknowledge (Success!)
"E00\r"  Communication Error
"E01\r"  Hardware Error
"E04\r"  Invalid/Unsupported Command
"E06\r"  Invalid Command Argument

Specific to: VPage and VCom products
"E11\r"  Command Unavailable (unicast only)
"E12\r"  Invalid Station Filter (ID/IP/MAC) / No Match
"E13\r"  AMI Link Not Active
"E14\r"  Invalid Port (out of range)
"E15\r"  Invalid Port (mismatch)

Specific to: Digital Binloop, A/V Binloop, A/V Binloop HD, A/V Binloop Uncompressed
"E11\r"  Media Problem
"E12\r"  Search Error
"E13\r"  Reproducer Not Installed
"E99\r"  Fatal Error

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