How do I make files play and loop automatically when the TraXX unit turns on?

A common use case for TraXX products is for a number of files to automatically start playing and looping as soon as the unit is powered on.  In this scenario, the TraXX is often not connected to any sort of external I/O or control system, and the system should always be playing when powered on.

There are two ways to accomplish this behavior:

1)  Strap rear inputs - By default, TraXX products are set to loop files 1-8 (8TraXX, TourTraXX, RideTraXX) or files 1-16 (ProTraXX) when the respective  rear discrete inputs are triggered.  If these inputs stay triggered, the files will loop.  

For example, on a ProTraXX, if we wanted files 1-8 to play and loop on channels 1-8, we would connect a wire between the + and - terminals of inputs 1-8.  This causes the inputs to always be active, which causes the unit to play and loop files 1-8 on startup.

2) Configuration File - The other option to make a configuration file using the TraXX Configuration Application that tells the TraXX what to do on startup.  Add a loop event for each file you want to play on startup, triggered by "Device Power On" (see screenshot).  Then, transfer the configuration to your TraXX device using either the TraXX Configuration Application, or by manually saving and placing the config.lst file onto the TraXX's Compact Flash Card.  

For more details on the TraXX Configuration Application, see the manual of your TraXX Audio Player. 


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