Can I trigger a command on both edges of a discrete input activation?

Yes.  In the TraXX Configuration Application, when adding a new event based on a rear input, you can choose whether the trigger is Active On or Active Off.  This parameter determines if the event is triggered when the input goes from Off-to-On (Active On) or from On-to-Off (Active Off).  Additionally, you can add two separate events, one Active-On and one Active-Off to the same discrete input, allowing one command to be executed when the input turns on and another to be executed when the input turns off.  


Let's take a look at a potential use for this feature: 

Scenario: You have a single button and you would like music to only play on Channel Pair 1 while that button is pushed.  When the button is released, the music should stop.  When pushed and held again, the music should resume from where it left off and play until the button is released.

Solution: Using the TraXX Configuration Application, we are going to configure 3 events.  
The first event will get the music ready to play as soon as the unit boots up using a Search command.  For this example, we will be playing file 1 on Channel Pair 1.  
The second event will tell the music to start playing and looping when input 1 is activated (Active-On).  This input would be connected to the button that is to be pushed to start and stop music.
The third event will tell the music to pause when the input 1 goes off (Active-Off).  

The following screenshot shows the three events added in the TraXX Configuration Application.  The saved configuration file is also attached to this article.


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