Traxx configuration software finds my device but cannot connect

Device discovery is performed by a broadcast message but actual communication must be direct connection.  Here are some things to check:

  • Make sure your network configuration on the PC and the TraXX product match that of your network
  • Try disabling all PC network interfaces that are not on the same network as the TraXX product
  • Verify that the PC and the TraXX product are using the same, valid, gateway address. If there is no gateway then none should be specified or
  • Turn off any firewall software you may be running or make sure that UDP ports 2638 and 2639 are not being blocked
  • Make sure your software and firmware are up-to-date by visiting
  • If your 8TraXX-E is configured for Legacy Mode, then the TraXX Configuration software will not work and you will receive the "Unable to communicate with the product" error message. This is because the old 8TraXX did not have Ethernet. You can change this setting using the front panel menu by pressing the knob and selecting "Legacy Mode" from the "System" menu.


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