How do I synchronize a SMPTE Machine to MIDI Timecode?

  1. Set Jumper W1 to SMPTE
  2. Set Jumpers W2 and W3 to MIDI
  3. Open WinScript
  4. Select from the menu "Configuration" -> "SMPTE"
  5. Select "SMPTE is used in this Script..."
  6. Select Device Type "SMPTE Machine"
  7. Select SMPTE Read/Generate Option "Generate SMPTE-No Genlock to Vide"
  8. Select Show Control Port "MIDI" and check "Use MTC"
  9. Connect a Straight-Thru serial cable from the PC to the SMPTE Machine Programmer Port
  10. Turn on the SMPTE Machine and weight a few seconds for it to initialize
  11. Click "Configure Now"

The SMPTE Machine is now ready to sync to MIDI Timecode (MTC).  Connect your MIDI cable to the MIDI in port on the back of the SMPTE Machine.  Press the "Start" button on the front of the SMPTE Machine.  The "L" symbol on the front of the SMPTE Machine should illuminate to indicate it is locked to MTC.  The front LCD display should read "MTC Slave"

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