How can I create a new hard drive for the DVM4?

1. Install or insert the new, blank drive into PC running WinXP.

2. Use the Computer Management program that can be found in My Computer/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/ Computer Management. A wizard window may appear. If it does, just click Cancel to bypass the wizard.

3. Click on Disk Management in the Storage Section.

4. Find the unpartitioned drive on the right side of the window. First, you'll need to initialize the disk by right clicking on the box that says Disk 1 and selecting Initialize disk.

5. Next, right-click in the black unallocated area and select New Partition.

6. Click next repeatedly until you reach the Format Partition section.

7. Type DVM4 in the Volume Label box and enable Perform a quick Format. Click next then finish.

8. Wait for the drive to finish formatting. It should display Healthy in the status bar when it is finished.

9. Right-click on the DVM4 drive once more and select Mark Partition as Active.

10. Close Computer Management. The formatting procedure is finished.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you use the correct Drive Image to match the motherboard in your DVM4. Using the incorrect image will cause the DVM4 not to function properly!

11. Identify the motherboard in your unit by examining the serial number. There is a motherboard code within the serial number of the form: m##. Review the chart below. This translates the motherboard code to the model type in your machine and shows the corresponding drive image that it takes. Serial number example: DVM4####m##h##p##r##o##c##g##

Manufacturer  /  Model  /  AMI S/N Code  /  Drive Image Used
Amptron  /  K7-810CLM  /  m02  /   CLM
Amptron  /  K7-810DLM8+  /  m05  /   DLM-GLM
Amptron  /  K7-810DLM2K  /   m06  /   DLM-GLM
Amptron  /  K7-810GLM7+  /   m07  /   DLM-GLM
Amptron /  M7VIGPD-A04  /   m09  /   M7VIGPD
MSI  /  KM4AM-V  /   m0B  /   MSI KM4AM-V

12. Direct your browser to
You can log in with:
username = downloads
password =**** ASK for password *****

13. Enter the DVM4 folder, and then enter the Drive Images folder. Look within the file names for the drive image that matches the type you need from step 11. Download the appropriate file.

14. Once saved to your PC, right click on the .zip file and select Extract All.

15. Specify the destination as the root directory of the newly formatted DVM4 drive (i.e., D:\\ or E:\\, etc.) and click next.

16. Once the extraction has completed, shut down the PC and remove the drive. Insert the new drive into the DVM4 and try it out.

17. The os version can be updated at this point, if necessary, by following the readme.txt instructions in the media directory. Latest os can be obtained from: under Legacy Support.

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