The DVM4 says that its IP address is, even when I change it. Why?

The DVM4 displays or returns when it is unable to use its assigned IP address. There are 3 possible situations that could cause this to occur:

1. The DVM4 is not connected to a network. This is the most common problem. You can still set the IP address when the Ethernet cable is disconnected, but the DVM4 will not actually display or return this address unless it is able to use it.

2. There is another device on the network with the same IP address as the DVM4. Since there is a conflict, the DVM4 will not use its assigned address. To correct this, set the IP address to something that is definitely available. If you have no idea what is available, contact your Network Administrator.

3. If neither #1 or #2 are causing of the problem, the Ethernet Hardware of the DVM4 may be damaged. Please contact Alcorn McBride Technical Support for assistance.

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