How can I upload a file to your company's website?


If file is less than 2GB:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Password (Ask for password if you don't know it)
  3. Drag in file and submit

If file is greater than 2GB

Use free service here:


Use FTP method below. FTP method may work better due to ability to retry if connection is dropped.



To upload a video or other file to our company using an FTP client, please use FileZilla FTP client. This is a freeware client, and will make sure that you're able to use necessary settings required to upload the file. 

1. Install FileZilla (if already installed, proceed to step 2)

Go to the following website:

Select "File-Zilla Client" for download and install it.

2. Once FileZilla is open, Go to the "File" menu and select "Site Manager" 

3. Click "New Site"

4. Use the settings shown in the dialog below (Ask for password)



5. Click on the "Transfer Settings" tab and select "Passive"



6. Click "Connect"

7. Right click in folder area on right side of screen and select "create directory" from the menu. Use your company's name as directory name.

8. Drag your file to the directory 

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