Are the files from the legacy LightCue compatible with the LightCue-E or LightCuePro?

Yes. But you have to convert using the 'editor' tool. Steps:

Open LightcCe manager
Go to tools->editor
Open the original LightCue file (.dmh)
Click "save as" and save in the format "LightCuePro" (.dmx)


Rear Inputs Compatibility:

For the rear inputs to be compatible with the Legacy LightCue, the LightCue-E must be placed in "legacy" mode using the Front Panel.


LTP and HTP Compatibility:

The legacy LightCue only operated in Highest Takes Priority (HTP) mode. 

The LightCue-E and LightCuePro both can operate in either Last Takes Priority (LTP) or Highest Takes Priority (HTP) modes. The default is LTP. The front panel can be used to make the appropriate selection.

DMX Output Compatibility:

The last value sent to the DMX output is held even after the queue has finished "playing" or has been "cleared."

In other words, LightCuePro  will hold the last look played to that channel.

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