I have a LightCue (legacy), can I update to a LightCue-E or LightCuePro?

Yes, the LightCue-E is a drop in replacement for the original LightCue product.

The LightCuePro's single Universe 1 can also be used as a replacement. This leaves the other 3 universes available for other use. 

You will need to just take the following steps:

1. Convert your files from ".dmh" to the new ".dmx" file format.

  • Pull the CF Flash card from the original LightCue (or PCMCIA card), and copy the files to a folder on your hard drive. 
  • Open the file using LightCue Manager editor by double clicking on the .dmh file (download LightCue Manager here if needed).
  • Click "Save as" to convert your legacy files to the new .dmx file format. Make sure to name the file with both a "dmx" prefix AND ".dmx" suffix. For example, if your old cue was cue00002.dmh, your new file name should be dmx00002.dmx.
  • Place your newly saved .dmx files on the LightCue-E. 

2. If you are using rear inputs, put the unit into "Legacy Mode" to use old style rear pin-out.

  • From the front panel, select "Inputs" and scroll to "Legacy Mode". 
  • Select "Yes" to put in legacy mode

3. If you are using rear inputs, change to Contact Closure or Voltage as appropriate

  • From the front panel, select "Inputs"
  • Select "Voltage/CC"
  • Select the Input you wish to change
  • Repeat for each input you're using
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