How can I display a looping video and interrupt with button presses?

Displaying video with an interactive 'kiosk' style push buttons is a common application for the DVM7400. This is where an attract loop plays a video and the user presses a button to interrupt the loop, play a different video, and return to the original attract loop.

The example below discusses using three different videos to interrupt the main attract loop. This is accomplished using playlists and discrete inputs. Playlists: These can be edited and created using Playlist Builder (free download from or Notepad. You can save the playlists below by clicking on them and then selecting 'Save As..' from your browser menu.

First, you'll need a playlist file that loops the attract loop on power-up of the unit. This file MUST be named ply00000.lst.
 This playlist file starts a video named 'AttractLoop.mpg' and loops it.

Second, you'll need playlist files for each of the input buttons you'd like to use. These are ply00001.lst, ply00002.lst and ply00004.lst.
ply00001.lst plays 'Button1Vid.mpg' and then starts the original playlist with the attract loop over again. ply00002.lst and ply00004.lst do the same thing except that they start 'Button1Vid2.mpg' and 'Button3Vid.mpg' respectively.

Corresponding Test videos can be found at:

The inputs are located on the DB37 pin connector on the rear of the DVM7400. Files or Playlists are selected and played by using different pins and their associated names. Selecting File #1 (pins 5 and 24) corresponds to: ply00001.lst (playlist) or vid00001.mpg (video) A complete list of pins and file selection be found in the 'Parallel Ports' section of the DVM7400 user's manual located in our library:

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