Debugging Cobranet Networks


Cobranet network issues can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose.
"False positives" can happen all of the time which can lead to erroneous

You will have the most success fixing Cobranet network problems using a
"divide and conquer" approach where you segregate the network into smaller
sections and then verify network integrity using Cobranet Discovery (Disco)
after each iteration. For example, connect only one Binloop to whatever
switch you are using and check for errors and bundle dropouts using Disco.
Do this for each Binloop, separately. Then gradually add network nodes
(Binloops, NION units, etc.), each time checking Disco. Bundle dropouts
and errors can be caused by failures on either the sending or receiving end
of a Cobranet network.

Here's a link to a discussion about new Peavey
NION firmware which became available in 2011:

Here's a link to the latest version of Disco:


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