I'm replacing a legacy DVM/HD with a DVM-8400/8500. Will the same videos play in the DVM-8400/8500 without conversion?

Most likely.  In addition to several other formats, the DVM-8400 plays MPEG2 Transport Streams (just like the DVM/HD).  There are only two cases where the files would not play as expected.  First, the bitrate of the videos must not exceed 40Mbps.  The DVM/HD supported a maximum bitrate of 50Mbps, so this is a possibility.  The second thing only applies if you are using the analog outputs of the DVM/HD and the video files have 2-channel Dolby Digital audio.  The DVM-8400 will only output Dolby bitstream formats from the Digital Audio connector, so the analog outputs will be silent.

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