Do your show controllers sync to SMPTE and EBU timecode?

Yes! Our V16Pro can Sync to incoming SMPTE. It can also generate SMPTE based on external blackburst or C-Sync.

For our V16+, V4+ and V2+ controllers, our SMPTE Machine allows sequences in any of our show controllers to be triggered at individual times. This is different than 'jam' syncing or 'scrubbing' to timecode. Usually, when people think of their show in terms of timecode, what they really want is accurate timekeeping relative to the beginning of the show. That is exactly what each of the sequences in one of our scripts does. In fact, it's almost as if there were 256 separate SMPTE generators running in a single script. So often our customers discover they don't really need external SMPTE in the final show at all. Incidentally, if you are using a Digital Binloop with one of our show controllers, you've got a free SMPTE Machine built into it. As of SMPTE Machine firmware revision 1.66, there is a new option for handling timecode synchronization with our show controllers. With this new functionality, the SMPTE Machine is capable of outputting every frame of timecode to the show controller. When paired with controller firmware version 6.42 or higher and Winscript 3, this will allow you to 'jam' sync or 'scrub' a sequence to timecode.

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