How can I communicate with an Allen Bradley PLC and setup a PLC tag?

You can communicate using Ethernet IP to Allen Bradely ControlLogix PLCs using the EthernetIP method outlined in the attached PDF. 


An example file is attached ("PLC_ControlLogix.ws4") that shows how to read/write the data. It corresponds to the PDF. The latest version of the example file can be found in WinScriptLive under "Examples" button.


In general, you can setup a PLC tag by going to the "Device variables" under the "Resources-->Variables" area of WinScriptLive.

  • First, add your PLC to the list by going to the "Devices" screen and inserting a new device. 
  • Then, go to the  "Resources-->Variables" area of WinScriptLive.
  • Click on "Device variables" and select the name of your device (PLC) that you've setup on the devices screen previously.
  • Add your own device variable to the list by clicking insert and then the wizard button.
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