How can I start a sequence from my iPad?

Starting a Sequence on an iPad with Touch:

  • Begin by installing Touch on your PC. (
  • Then, create a new touch file for your iPad. 
  • When prompted, give the Touch application the location of your WinScriptLive script you made for your V16Pro or V4Pro. 
  • Right click or double click to drop a button on to the screen 
  • Right click on the button and click on "Action" to change the button's action 
  • Click on the WinScriptLive sequence name you want to start 
  • From the control panel or file menu, select "Archive to Remote Server" to save the file to V16Pro 
  • From the iPad, find the V16Pro and select the file you saved in the step above

If you'd like to start a sequence with UDP remote:

  • Go to your iPad's Settings menu 
  • Click on "UDP Remote" 
  • Enter your V16Pro/V4Pro's IP address and port 2638 
  • Enter a message like "mySequencePL"h0d where "mySequence" is the name of your WinScriptLive sequence

Note that UDP remote does not allow multiple pages, but Touch for iPad does.

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