How to I enable "Redundant Mode" to allow for a backup controller?

To enable redundant mode, use AMI-Terminal to configure both V16Pro units:

1. Open AMI-Terminal from the Tools menu in WinScriptLive
2. Select "V16Pro" from the product list.
3. Click "Configure" and enter the IP address of the first V16Pro
4. Edit the "Redudant IP Address" to enter the 2nd V16Pro's address.
Click "Set".
5. Set the Redundant Ethernet Jack to "A" or "B" (as connected)
6. In the "Master/Slave" box, select either "Force to be Slave" or
"Force to be Master".

Note: in the end it will not matter if you "Force to be Slave" or
"Force to be Master". Which ever V16Pro is first box to be powered on
will be the master. The slave will automatically convert to master if
the master "goes away."

7. Repeat steps 2-6 for 2nd V16Pro

8. All sequence status is "shared" by default between master and
slave. If certain variable status is critical, you must allow those
variables to be "Watched" by checking the "Redundant Watched" checkbox
in the variable's edit wizard.

Notes: Make sure the script is the same in both V16Pro units. You can
still download a script to either master or slave unit but you can
only enter "Live Mode" while the unit is in "master" mode.

The front panel of the master will display the master/slave status and
IP Address automatically on boot, but this can be overridden with any
"Display" command in WinScriptLive. The slave will always show "Slave"
on the front panel and will not take into account any WinScriptLive
"Display" commands.

You can use the command "Set Slave" in WinScriptLive to try to force a
particular box to become the slave controller by default. (For example
on boot or on other external input). However, if a master does not
exist, the slave will revert back to master after the timeout period.
The timeout period can be adjusted in AMI-Terminal.

Redundant mode in Touch:

1.  Touch cannot connect to the Slave.  This is by design.  The
V16Pro.RedundantStatus variable will always show "Master" in Touch
because otherwise it won't be connected.  You can still use this
variable in your Script if needed, just remember that Touch can only
connect to the Master.

2.  Before using Touch with Master/Slave show controllers, you must
open the "Options" dialog and select "Advanced..." then check the box
for "Allow Secondary Controller For Each Connection".  You only need
to do this one time and only on the computer you are using to create
the Touch file.  This is just to prevent other customers from seeing
the secondary controller option without first understanding what it

3.  To enable Touch to automatically attempt a connection to the
secondary controller, open the "Show Controller" dialog and select
"Advanced..." for each Connection you create.  Since each Connection
represents one Master/Slave pair, you will probably only have one

4.  Check the box for "Secondary Controller" and enter the IP address.
 It doesn't matter which controller is the master or slave at the
time, Touch will automatically switch between the two if it fails to
communicate more than twice.  You will see a message in the Touch Log
that states when a switch is made between the Primary and Secondary
controllers.  All earlier versions of Touch will completely ignore
this setting and will only use the primary IP address so make sure you
are running Touch 2.06 or greater.

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