My V16Pro\V4Pro\VCore failed during a firmware update. What can I do?

Even if the screen is black, most likely everything can still be recovered since the bootloader doesn't get flashed on a standard os update.

Follow the instructions below to use your PC to copy the current firmware file. 

1. Remove the CF or SD card from the rear of the V4Pro/V16Pro/VCore

2. Insert into a CF or SD reader on your PC

If using firmware from the WinScript Live 4 era,  copy over the OS.NEW file from  C:\Program Files (x86)\Alcorn McBride Inc\WinScript Live 4\Controller Firmware.

If your V16Pro's serial number ends in "S", use the file in the folder "S Model." Otherwise, use the "" file in the "CF Model" folder. If using a V16Pro, copy over the SMPTE.NEW as well.

Note for older show controllers that use compact flash cards instead of SD cards:  If you want to format the CF card at this point, be sure to copy over any web files or script files you want to keep. Also, be sure to format the card as FAT32 with allocation size 4096. The allocation size is important, so be sure to make this selection.

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