How do I set my VCore's IP Address?

The three different ways to set the IP address are listed below.

DHCP (Automatic Assignment)

Connect to your existing network. Make sure DIP switch position 1 is "ON"

The "Network/Config" LED will turn green when a valid IP has been assigned. 

Manual IP Set


  1. Set DIP switch 1 to "OFF"
  2. Check that "Network/Config" LED is yellow. If it is not, toggle DIP switch 1 "ON" then "OFF".
  3. Click Capture.PNG  in WinScriptLive
  4. Click on the line for the "Broadcast" from the VCore. If this does not appear, try clicking "Clear History"Capture2.PNG
  5. Click "OK" to change the IP address
  6. Enter an IP address that is on the same subnet as your PC
  7. Capture3.png
  8. Once the set is completed, your PC will send a version request to verify that it can reach the device.
  9. If your device cannot be reached, try clicking "Send Again.If it still cannot be reached, try a different IP address by starting again with step 2. 

Serial Set

  1. Set DIP switch 1 to "OFF"
  2. Open "AMI-Terminal" from the "Tools" menu in WinScriptLive or from start menu.
  3. Click on "Serial" radio button
  4. Click on the "Network" tab and select the "Set" radio button
  5. Type in desired IP address and click on the "IP" button.
  6. Type in desired subnet and gateway and click on corresponding buttons. 
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