How can I send an e-mail (email) from my V16Pro, V4Pro or VCore?


You can send an e-mail using the "Send Mail" command in WinScriptLive. (See below for example)



In order for this command to work, you must setup your SMTP connection settings. This can be done using the front panel (V16Pro and V4Pro), AMI-Terminal, or using HTTP.


Currently, we do not support SSL. Usually, port "25" is the standard SMTP port.

At present, you can use any standard gmail account without using SSL:
You may need to only send to another gmail address though.

Current Settings that work:
Port: 25
Password: pass
From: "Me" <>

HTTP Setup

is shown below. Note: the "Default flash (or SD) card files" must be present on the card to change settings over HTTP.   

  1. Type the IP address of the VCore or V16Pro into a browser (such as Chrome)
  2. Login to the device using the default username "admin" and password "password"
  3. Click on the "E-mail" link and enter settings for your e-mail server. 

 Note: The settings below use G-mail's service without SSL. SSL is currently not supported by the V16Pro, V4Pro or VCore. Further details on using this gmail service can be found here:


AMI-Terminal Setup




If for any reason you are having trouble getting your e-mail to send, the best way to determine the problem is by looking at the "Live Log". 

  1. Add the show controller's name by itself to the "Watch" list (ie: V16Pro, V4Pro, Or Vcore)
  2. Go into "Live Mode" with your controller
  3. Click on the "Live Log" button on your "Watch List" View
  4. Run the Sequence containing the e-mail event or press the "Stoplight" button while the "Send E-mail" even line is selected.
  5. You should see some data exchange similar to that shown below


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