The red ERR (Error) light came on on my V16Pro/V4Pro. What does this mean? How can I fix it?

The red error light means that there is a communication error to an external device. It does not mean your show controller has a fault. The device's ".Error" variable will be set when the error light blinks.

The red error light will blink when:

#1. There is no response from an external device  


#2. The response received does not match the response specified in the product's .prd file.

See below to determine which case is the cause of your product file error.

#1: No response from an external device  

- First, check all cables (power, serial and ethernet) to be sure that the external devices are plugged in an are able to respond to the show controller. Check network devices IP addresses to be sure they match the devices in the "Devices" list of WinScriptLive. For Ethernet devices, check to be sure the V16Pro or V4PRo has the correct port specified (ethernet port A or B)

- If all your external devices and script is functioning correctly, you may not need determine the cause of the error light. It's possible (if you did not program the original show) that some devices were removed from the installation and are not longer required. However, the V16Pro/V4Pro may be trying to talk to them anyway. If this is the case, the error light can be safely ignored. 

- If your external device is not functioning correctly, use the "Live Log" method to determine the problem (see #2 below).

#2: The response received does not match the response specified in the product's .prd file.

The best way to check any product file is with the "Watch" window and "Live Log". You must first determine which device is causing the error and then compare the messages to the product file.

Determine Device causing ERR light:

If you know the device that is causing the error light, skip to "View Device's Incoming Response" section. Otherwise:

  1. Connect using WinScriptLive 4 in "Live Mode"
  2. Open the "Live Log"
  3. Look for a message that shows a yellow error message. This error message will indicate the Device and Event that caused the error light to blink. Something like the image shown below. *


*Note: Log entries of this type are only available on firmware 1.77 and greater. In WinScriptLive, go to Help-->Update Firmware to update the firmware if needed.

View Device's Incoming Response

  1. Add the device's name (just the name by itself) to the "Watch" window.
  2. Open the "Live Log" (using button on Watch List Toolbar) and you will be able to see all messages going back and forth.
  3. If the device is TCP, you should also add the device's ".TCPStatus" variable to the Watch window. 


After looking at the live log, make sure you are getting an incoming response string from your device. If you are getting a response, and the error light is still blinking, the string must not match the string in the product file. 

If you are writing your own product file:

Open the .prd file in Product File Creator (On the "Tools" menu in WinScriptLive) and edit the "message" marked with the "incoming" attribute to match the string you are seeing. 

If this is an existing distributed (in WinScriptLive) product file

1. Save the complete "Live Log" file using the "Print" button in WinScriptLive.

2  E-mail the log file along with the .prd file you are using to 

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