How Can I Create a New Product File?

"Product Files" (similar to device drivers) are what Alcorn McBride Show Controllers use to interact with other devices. WinScript Live (the software used to program our show controllers) currently bundles hundreds of product files within it. But what if you need to control a product that we haven't developed a product file for yet?

Well, you have a few options!

Option 1: "Message Out" Event

To start, if you only need to send a handful of commands out to an external device, the easiest solution would be to use the show controller's "Message Out" event instead of creating a brand new product file.

You can learn more about this solution here:

Option 2: Creating Your Own Product File

If you need to have more complex interaction with an external device, then you will want to create a product file. To build your own without having to edit raw XML data, we provide a free piece of software called Product File Creator.

Product File Creator is available for free as part of WinScriptLive under the "Tools" menu.

We have a full free video-training course of how to use Product File Creator in our AMI Academy  Training Series found on our website here.

Once you have opened Product File Creator, check out the attached Product File Creator Tutorial that will walk you through how to use that software.

Option 3: Request Product File Creation Assistance from Tech Support

If you feel like you've run out of all other options, you may also request Product File assistance from our Tech Support team. If you simply just have questions about Product File Creator that weren't addressed in the PDF, feel free to email or call us at 407-296-5800. If you are requesting us to create an entire new product file for you, please fill out the attached Product File Request Form and email it back to us, along with the required documentation needed.

Happy Programming!

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