How can I FTP files to Show Touch?

*Note, if you're using newer ShowTouch versions ( or later) you can not FTP into a ShowTouch unit.


Filezilla is a freeware FTP client, and will make sure that you're able to use necessary settings required to upload the file. 

1. Install FileZilla (if already installed, proceed to step 2)

Go to the following website:

Select "File-Zilla Client" for download and install it.

2. Once FileZilla is open, Go to the "File" menu and select "Site Manager" 

3. Click "New Site"

4. Use your IP address for the location, "admin" for the username and "password" for the password. (unless password has been changed)


5. Click on the "Transfer Settings" tab and select "active". Check the box for "Limit number of simultaneous connections" and enter "1". 


6. Click "Connect"

7. Drag your files to/from the root directory.


*Note: Your new files will be located under User folder.

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