How do I Create Password Protected Screens (requiring unlock) for Touch Panels?

- You can create a "Passcode" for a Touch panel in the "Pages" screen of the Touch software. This creates a simple splash page that forces the user to enter a specific code each time the page is accessed. 

- Alternatively, you can create custom scripts and Touch pages that will have the user enter an access code. This is accomplished by setting variables in the V16Pro and "Screen Actions" in Touch that change pages based on a variable. 

UnlockExample2.tca and UnlockExample3.ami - this is how to create a password with number and letters and accept multiple passwords if desired. The passwords must be stored on the controller but additional sequences could be added to allow the password to be changed and saved into non-volatile memory.

UnlockExample3.tca - this shows how to use your home page to hide access to a page that is locked internally by Touch. This shows an AMI branded unlock screen (see attached image) that will only appear when in test (F9) or in run mode (never while editing). 

Note: The above examples use "Screen Actions" in Touch. To add/edit a screen action:

To add a Screen Action:

1. Right click anywhere on one of your Touch pages and select "Settings." Then, select "Actions."  

2. Click on the button that reads, "Actions for this screen." 

3. Click "add" to add a new action. 

4. Select the page you'd like flip to

5. Select "Variable" to trigger on the V16Pro variable change to a specific value

6. Enter the desired value and click "Finish"

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