How do I interface my control system from another vendor to your plus Show Controllers (V16+, V4+, Interactivator)?

For the V16+/V4+/V2+/InterActivator:

There are two basic ways to interface other controllers to Alcorn McBride controllers: Voltage/Contact Closures and RS-232.

When interfacing using Voltage/Contact Closures you can wire directly to the rear panel inputs of the controller and start sequences from these triggers. If you need more triggers than the Show Controller has inputs available, you can multiplex outputs from your other controller and strobe them in to the Show Controller. Trigger a sequence off of the strobe input and use the Inport command (see the Show Control User's Guide) to build a variable value.

When using RS-232, set your Show Controller's port for Alcorn 8-bit Control and send the appropriate Alcorn 8-bit messages. We recommend using SetVarEQ messages so you do not have to worry about changing your sequence numbers around when you modify your script, as you would have to do if you use StartSequence commands. See page 16-6 of the Show Control User's Guide (  for more information on Alcorn 8-bit commands.

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