How can I trigger a sequence when an audio or video has finished?

This note applies to the following:V16+, V4+, V2+, Interactivator, IO64, DMX Machine, legacy Show Controllers, AM4, DVM7400, DVM8400, DMV8500, TraXX.

There are many reasons to trigger a sequence to run when an audio or video player has finished playing the file. In this case, the DMX machine is controlling a DVM8400, house lights, curtains and other venue resources. With this simple idea, additional  wiring and polling will not be necessary. A play list and a script are all that is needed. The play list, with the play file command and send serial string command is needed for the player and a script with the needed sequence in the correct location. The message sent to the DMX machine is in a hexadecimal form and contains the sequence number that will be started when this message is received. To get this string run AMITerm and select the DMX Machine, it does not have to be connected to the PC at this time. Select the control tab and enter the sequence number you want to run and press the start. The needed message will be displayed in the lower window. This is an example the message will start sequence three: Sent (COM1):  <F5><00><01><02><18><02><1D>. There will always be 7 characters represented.

Note the 1D is a non printable character and will be displayed as a two character hex string. If the value is printable like a space or some other character it will need to be converted to hex. (space or empty area) is h20, ! is h21, " is h22 and so on.  (see ASCII conversion chart for other character values)

In your play list change the < to h and delete the > and add SS to the end of the text string. example hF5h00h01h02h18h02h1DSS

The play list contents 2 lines will look like this if you want to play file 10 and start sequence #3 in the DMX script.

play list name is ply00001.lst and contains:



The play list is stored on the media card for the player.

All that is needed is a script with a sequence at line 3 with the events required to complete the task when the player stops.

When play list 1 is triggered 1PL for example the content will play to the end and then the player will send the Start Sequence string.

Example files are attached.



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