How to create desktop shortcuts to multiple Panels

The ShowTouch application can only connect to one controller and one Panel at a time, however you can run multiple instances of the ShowTouch application and save connection settings to different Panels.  Follow these steps to create shortcuts that allow the ShowTouch settings to be stored separately for each Panel you would like to load:

1.  Create a shortcut to ShowTouch on your desktop.

You can to this by copying the existing shortcut that is created in your start menu when Winscript Live 4 is installed.  You can also do this yourself by creating a new shortcut with target set to the ShowTouch.exe program (typically found here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Alcorn McBride Inc\WinScript Live 4\ShowTouch.exe")

2.  Add the following to the end of the target: /name=mypanel

For example, my Target now has the following text:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Alcorn McBride Inc\WinScript Live 4\ShowTouch.exe" /name=mypanel

You can change mypanel to any unique name, it is up to you.  This name is only used to create separate ShowTouch settings for each shortcut you create.

3.  Launch ShowTouch from your new shortcut.  You should see the "Welcome" message as though this is the first time you have run the application.  Select the settings you would like to use, then connect to a controller and select a Panel as usual.  The connection settings will be saved and loaded again whenever you use this shortcut.

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