Can I Control IR Devices With My V4Pro, V16Pro or VCore?

Not directly, but you can use a 3rd party device to quickly create IR messages and send them.

Using the Global Cache IP2IR with a V16Pro is an easy way to add IR outgoing messages to your V16Pro.

 Once you record your IR strings from the remote using the Global Cache software, you can quickly import the strings into an Alcorn McBride product file and send them easily from your script.

There is an example file in WinScriptLive under the "File-->Examples" menu.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Download the "iLearn" software from the Global Cache website:

  1. Click the "New File" button and save to a location for quick finding later (like the desktop)
  2. Record your remote's button presses using the "iLearn" software. Make sure to pick the correct output port "Connector" that you'd like to send the message out after recording.
  3. Click "Trim" to adjust the string recorded to a smaller string. Make sure the resulting trimmed string appears to be the basic message that was repeated multiple times. If the string seems very short, or doesn't look like it was repeated over and over, you may need to try recording again.
  4. Put a name in the "Button Name" field and click "Save Data". The name and data should appear in the results window.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for as many commands as you need
  6. Open Product file creator from the WinScriptLive "Tools" menu or the start menu.
  7. Click "Open Product File"
  8. Open the "IR_GlobalCache_CreatorExample.prd" file
  9. Change the "Make" and "Model" to something that makes sense to you (ie: Make: NEC, Model: 1234 IR Port #3). It's good to include the IR connector in the model #, just so you know which connector on the Global Cache these messages will be sent.
  10. On the “ports” screen, check "Incoming Response File Import" 
  1. Browse to the file you created in step #2 and click "Import"
  2. Click “File->save"
  3. Launch WinScriptLive and add your device make and model from step 10. Your "Button Name" items created in the iLearn software will be available as individual events.
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