How can I control my V16Pro, V4Pro or VCore using ethernet packets?


Send UDP packets sent to the already open port of 2637 on the V16Pro.

Note: 2638 and 2639 could also be used; however these are used for system downloads and could possibly interfere with system UDP traffic.

You can send messages like "mySequencePL\r" (where \r is carriage return).

This will start the sequence named "mySequence"

You can then easily program this sequence to do whatever you'd like.

You can also set variables using strings like "myVar|1VA\r" where "myVar" is the name of an integer variable, and "1" is the value to set to.

All of these commands respond with a "R\r"

For a simple view of many of the possible commands and responses, check out "AMI-Terminal" from the "Tools" menu in WinScriptLive. Here you can see the commands and responses, and program a similar method with your Windows application.

Between variables and sequences starts, typically our customers have everything they need to control their show using an outside source.


If you'd prefer to use TCP, this article

 details how that could be used for sequence starts.

Serial and Other Methods:





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