No video output on DVM8500

No video output on DVM8500

The DVM8500 has HDMI, component, composite and 3G-SDI (DVM8500-SYSD only) video outputs.  All of these outputs are simultaneously active at all times.

Possible Causes: File not playing (see “My video does not play”), Loose/defective video cable, cable is too long, incompatible/defective video monitor, player set to incorrect video output.

Solution: Check for loose video cables. Bypass video extenders or long cables by connecting directly into the display device using a short cable.  Plug the DVM8500 into another known working monitor and cable to test for bad cable or monitor. Make sure that you are using the correct output HDMI, component, etc. You can also try using the other outputs to isolate whether the issue is found only on an individual output. Select the correct video format on the DVM8500 using the front button and going to Video settings>Video format (check the frame rate and resolution capabilities of your monitor)

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