Some features on my DVM8500 are not working correctly

Some features are not working correctly

As we release new firmware we also fix bugs that might have been present in previous version

Possible Causes: Outdated firmware

 Solution: Download the latest firmware upgrades for your DVM8500 from the firmware section of our website at and follow these directions to update the firmware:


  1. First, determine the firmware version of your DVM8500 by watching the LCD display as you power up the machine. Compare that version number to the version number listed on the website. If you need an upgrade, continue.


  1. Download and extract the zipped firmware update file to your PC from the Alcorn McBride website.


  1. Copy the OS.NEW file to your Compact Flash Card. Use the Transferring Files to the DVM8500 section of the User’s Guide if you need help doing this. Make sure that you are using a Windows-based PC and that you properly eject the CF card before physically removing it from the CF card reader.


  1. Insert the Compact Flash Card into the DVM8500


  1. Power on the DVM8500


  1. The status LED will turn ORANGE during the update process, and the LCD will display the current status of the update.


  1. Wait firmware update to finish (usually takes about 3 minutes).


  1. You’re done. If you wish to verify the version, you can power off the DVM8500 and repeat the first step in this procedure.
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