What is the AV Binloop Uncompressed Black Level and Colorspace?

The TARGA files on the Binloop Uncompressed should always be 0-255 RGB, full range.  

HDMI Out: In 4:4:4 mode the AVBU outputs full range 0-255 RGB.
SDI Out: In 4:2:2 mode the AVBU outputs 16-235 YUV, Rec 709. and also Rec.2020
When using the SDI output in 4:2:2 color space it will output the broadcast standard of 16-235, when using the HDMI only 4:4:4 mode then it will output the full 0-255 color range. 
8-bit content(Targa or .AMT) should be 0-255 full range and the color values will get mapped to 16-235 on the HDMI output and a 10-bit 64-940 on SDI output.  No clipping will occur though, it will make the conversion.
10-bit support is only available in our .AMT file format.  Internally a 10-bit AMT file is already limited range so it can get mapped right onto SDI, but MediaFlow will handle the conversion if you feed it a full range file.


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