AM-4 Front LED Blinking Red

If the AM4 Front LED is blinking red after a play command is issued or a button is pressed it could  mean 2 things:
- Audio file encoding parameters are wrong 
- Improperly named file
To test which one is the issue, press the test button on the front of the player. If the LED goes solid green, then the file encoding is good (A solid green LED means that the player is playing the file correctly).
If the LED blinks red, then the problem is a file encoding issue.
A) Audio file encoding parameters are wrong - The AM4 needs audio files to be either .WAV 16-Bit 44.1kHz Stereo or .MP3 Stereo with a maximum Bitrate of 128 Kbps.
Solution: Re-encode using a encoding software like iTunes. Below is an article on how to use it.
B) Improperly Named File – The AM4 uses a 5-digit numeric naming system to identify files by number. These 5 digits must be located at the end of the file name prior to the file extension.  For example, the file name SND00001.MP3 will be identified as file #1 on the player. SND00002.WAV would be file #2, AttractLoop00003.WAV would be file #3, etc. Though it is not always required, you must use the 5-digit numbering convention if you want to play a file by number or trigger playback using the discrete inputs of the AM4.


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