LightCue Pro Freezing up or Locking-Up

A few situations could be causing your LightCue Pro to freeze. Here are a few options to solve the issue:

Worn out/Defective CF card - Afer years of use, the CF card that has the show files stored can have sector failures which could create issues like Freeze ups and other undesired behavior.

Solution: Re-format the CF card using a Windows PC to FAT32 with an allocation size of 4096 bytes and Un-check "Quick Format" the processes might be slow depending on the card size but this will ensure that any defective sectors are not used. Make sure to copy all the contents on the CF card before formatting since the format will delete everything.

Once the card is re-formatted, copy the files back to it and insert the CF card on the LightCue Pro. then power cycle the unit.


Heavy Network Traffic - On rare occasions heavy network traffic can cause the LightCue Pro to lock up. 

Solution: Look for any new equipment added to the network around the time the Lock-up's started and isolate their traffic. You can also try switching the control of the LightCue Pro from Ethernet to serial.


Update Firmware - Firmware update needed. As we release firmware updates, new features and bug fixes are added. Information about these changes are found on the  texts file log for each firmware. Doing a firmware update will not erase te contents of the CF card

Solution: Download the latest firmware form our website and follow the introductions to do the update.


Corrupt .dmx file - If the freeze up happens on the same cue, this could mean that the .dmx file for that cue is bad.

Solution: Re-record the cue or restore cue from backup file. (Always make a copy of the CF card once everything is working correctly)


Incoming TimeCode problem - If you are using SMPTE Time Code to start your cues, a problem with the time coming in could create issues.

Solution: Make sure that the LigthCue Pro is receiving a strong TC signal. Also check to make sure that the device generating TC is working correctly.


Hardware Failure - If the issue is not one of the above, it is possible that the LightCue Pro is experiencing a hardware related failure. 

Solution: Please request and RMA from the " I Need an RMA" Link in our website ( to be able to send the unit back to us for testing/repair. 

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