How to manually update ShowTouch 3.x

  1. Download the latest firmware for your ShowTouch model here:
  2. Copy the file to a USB 2.0 compatible flash drive
  3. Connect a USB Keyboard, Mouse, and the flash drive to your ShowTouch
  4. Press Alt+F4 to force quit the ShowTouch software and display the ShowTouch Launcher
  5. Press F2 on the keyboard to provide access to the underlying Windows XP Embedded OS
  6. Press the Windows Start key on the keyboard and open the Windows Explorer from the start menu
  7. Copy the file from the flash drive to C:\Program Files\Alcorn McBride Inc\Touch\User
  8. Close the Windows Explorer window and return to the ShowTouch Launcher
  9. Select "Update" and choose the you copied
  10. Once the update it has been done an completed, double check the version.



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