Can I make a list box (listbox) in Touch?

You can use variables and Arrays in combination with text items to create a list box with highlighting.

The below example can be used as a template for this purpose, and adjusted for the size required. 

This example can be found in the "Examples" button of WinScriptLive. 


Touch “List Box” Example


Programming Concepts –

  • Making a Scrolling List Box on a Touch Page with Highlighting

Summary –

This script demonstrates how to use Array type Variables to scroll up and down through a list of items.

The number of items visible and the number of total items can be changed by changing the array size in the variables list, and by changing the “NUMBER_VISIBLE_ITEMS” and “NUMBER_TOTAL_ITEMS”

You can change the values displayed by changing the “initial values” of the vNamesArray or vTimesArray variables.

To set the highlighted item within the script, set “vHightlightedItemReal” using “Set Variable =” and then Start the “AdjustHighlight” sequence to update the display.

Change the value of the Boolean “vMakeHightVisible” to “true” before starting “AdjustHighlight” if you would like to scroll automatically so that the highlighted item is visible.





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