How can I encode H.264 videos for the AV Binloop HD with Adobe Premier or Adobe Encoder


Unfortunately, Adobe Encoder does not support H.264 Transport Streams as an output format. 

You will need to choose MPEG2 and set the output to "TS" on the multiplexer tab.

Here is an example on how to create a preset for the AV Binloop HD for a 1080p @ 29.97 Hz video  with Stereo Audio:


1) Open Adobe Media Encoder and select "Create Encoding Preset" 


2) Give your preset a name, choose MPEG2 and under the video tab select 1920 x 1080, quality 100%, Framerate 29.97, Field Order "Progressive"


Scroll down to set the Bitrate.


*You can Leave the rest of the video settings as they are



Then go to the "Audio" Tab and set the following settings:


Lastly, go to the "Multiplexer" tab and select "TS" for Transport Stream.


That's it! Now save the preset and you are ready.

Encode your file using these settings and the file would play in your DVM8500 or AV Binloop HD


As an alternative, you can purchase a license for our easy drag-and-drop software, MediaFlow. MediaFlow  supports H.264 and MPEG2. for All our compatible products.


Please contact to purchase a lifetime license.


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