I can't find or connect to my VCore in the network


Please make sure the following dip switches are set as follow:

SW 1 – OFF


SW3 – ON

SW4 – ON

Re-initializing a V-Core to Discovery Mode

-        Grab your V-Core under Test and set DipSw #3 to the off position and wait about 1 min.

-        Move sw3 to the On position and remove the power from the V-Core.

-        Power on your V-Core. (at this point your device will be under the following network settings) , SubNet

-        Move SW 1 to the On position and power down your V-Core.

-        Move SW 1 to the off position and power up your V-Core.

-        Wait a minute and your V-Core will be in Discovery Mode.


Now follow the steps from this link:

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