RidePlayer Dante Input


Starting with firmware 5.13.0, you can patch and unpatch RidePlayer’s Dante input channels to the RidePlayer’s audio mixer at runtime using the "Play Audio" and "Stop Audio" events. There are now "Audio Input" resources which represent the Dante inputs of your device. These can be used as parameters for relevant audio events.


The following screenshot shows one example of how you could overlay a Dante stream onto an already-playing file temporarily, then remove it without stopping the other audio sources that are playing on that output.


After executing the first event, you would hear the regular wav file playing from Audio Output 1. Ten seconds later, when the second event executes, you would hear the audio stream from Dante Input 3 begin playing on Audio Output 1. The Dante stream is not a regular file, so it does not have a beginning, end, or length like a normal file does. The "Play Audio" event essentially patches the Dante stream into the internal mixer. Similarly, the "Stop Audio" event shown here will disconnect the Dante stream from Audio Output 1, but it will continue playing on previously connected outputs that used a different Audio Player number.

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