I see my station in Dante Controller but I can't patch audio from Q-Sys to the VC12X V-COM


 If you are using AES67 your station might not be set to have AES67 enabled, please follow these steps

Enable AES67 on using Dante controller

For the stations to transmit AES67 signal through your network, we must enable the functionality using Dante controller.

1. Open Dante controller and double click on a station from the list

 2. Go to the “AES67 Config” tab and select “enabled”, then click reboot.

3. Click on the network flows Icon   , select “AES67 Flow” and “Add New Flow”. Then click “Create” at the bottom. The station is now AES67 Enabled and will be available in the Q-Sys AES67 Receiver in the “Stream Name” drop-down menu.


You will now be able to patch audio from Q-sys back into the station.


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