DBAP5 Controller Card Jumper Settings

DBAP5 Controller Jumper Settings

JP1:  Sync Input Type Select; Pos. 1-2 = Blackburst/Tri-Level Pos. 2-3 CSync

Update July 2022: We have switched the JP1 factory default setting to Pos. 1-2 due to Tri-Level sync being more commonly used. The factory default setting before July 2022 was Pos2-3.


JP2:  Serial Comm.  RCV_TTL to UART Select;  Pos. 1-2 RS232, Pos. 2-3 RS422

JP3:  Show Control Port TX Select; Pos. 1-2 RS232, Pos. 2-3 RS422

JP4:  Show Control Port RX Select; Pos. 1-2 RS232, Pos. 2-3 RS422

Note: For Jumper J2, J3, and J4, RS422 was never implemented, so jumpers should always be in Pos1-2. Default from factory is Pos1-2.


W1:  75Ohm Sync Termination; On – terminated, Off - Open

Note: W1's factory default setting is on (installed)





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