What is the difference between V4X and the V4Pro?

The V4X is one of our newest show controller products, replacing the V4Pro as a perfect solution for medium sized attractions or show control sub-systems. For applications that do not require the advance external synchronization features delivered by the SyncCore technology within the V16X, the V4X offers the same advanced show control features in a more economical package. It provides seamless integration with common devices such as PLCs, DSP cores, display devices, motion control systems, and A/V components.

The V4X is still programmed with WinScript Live, as was the V4Pro and all of our current show controllers. However, with the V4X, you will be able to take advantage of the enhanced processing capabilities that the V4X brings compared the V4Pro. The V4X will also allow you to use the latest WinScript Live! software features and updates. The V4Pro is now frozen in an older firmware/WinScript Live version, and can not be updated to the latest releases.

V4Pro to V4X Hardware Differences:

There are a few hardware differences if you are upgrading your system from a V4Pro to a V4X to be aware of.

V-SYNC: V-SYNC/Genlock is not provided with the V4X. If you need to sync to external clocks, the V16X is the show controller for you! The V16X not only includes V-SYNC, but a wide array of new syncing capabilities.

MIDI: The V4X does not offer MIDI input/output.

I/O: The V4X has 8 native digital inputs and 8 native relay outputs compared to the V4Pro which had 16 inputs and 16 outputs. If you need to expand the inputs / outputs of the V4X, you may use our AMI/O networked expansion accessory.

Programmable Front Buttons: The V4X has 8 programmable buttons compared to the V4Pro which had 16.

Power: The V4X has a built in power supply while the V4Pro had an external power adapter that was needed.

Wiring: Another beneficial feature of the V4X compared to the V4Pro is that all of the inputs, outputs, and serial connectors on the back of the V4X are Phoenix Terminal Blocks.

Storage: In the V4X, scripts are stored on a removable SD Card instead of a compact flash card like the V4Pro had.



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