How to remove old script files from my show controller

Every time that you send a script with a different name to the show controller, the file gets saved in the CF or SD card in the device.

To remove unused scripts, follow these steps.


A. Physically accessing the card

1) Remove the CF or SD card in the back of your controller

2) Insert your card in a windows PC with a card reader

3) Remove any old files that you don't want to have in the card (.ami, .WS4,  or .WSL)

4) Eject the card from PC and insert back into the controller


B. Via network connection

1) FTP into the controllers IP using Filezilla or a similar program (default credentials: USERNAME: admin, PAssword: password)

2) Remove any old files that you don't want to have in the card (.ami, .WS4,  or .WSL)  

3) Close FTP connection


* If you delete the file that is currently running in your controller, you will get an error message on the front display. This is because the controller is trying to lad a file that no longer exists.

To solve this, press the front wheel, go to "Script" then go to the top and select File name, press the wheel and scroll until you find the one you want, select it and then go to "Reload Script"

The controller will re-boot and your file will be loaded

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