Chasing timecode and “scrubbing” with AV Binloop Uncompressed

On a typical setup all units must receive the same Sync Signal via a Sync Generator.  In order to keep sync up-to-the-very-frame the entire system must be in the same frame rate. When an external SMPTE clock generator is used our controller must be set to accept the incoming LTC and this is done by allowing the controller to be in Read mode.  Imagine that the Audio Engineer (represented in Fig. 1 as our external SMPTE clock generator) wants to mix the show audio at the same seating area as the guest. The Engineer will provide you with a SMPTE signal. Every time the engineer goes forward in time or back in time to listen to his or her progress all the devices should move together at the same time.   If the engineer drags the cursor over a segment on the timeline this is defined as Scrubbing.


Setting up a Script for success:

Always make sure our controller can read a SMPTE signal and lock clock via V-Sync.  All these settings can be adjusted under the Configuration tab (shortcut Ctrl+T) and by picking Timecode.

Next add 4 AV Binloop Uncompressed units into the script.

Three (3) basic sequences now need to be created:

Sequence one (1) is to Arm the Timeline when Button 1 goes on, sequence two (2) is the Video Timeline and sequence three (3) is to disarm the timeline when button 2 goes on.

Sequence One: Arm Timeline

Sequence Three: Disarm Timeline

Sequence Two: Seq. Video Timeline

Create a new sequence and set the sequence type to SMPTE/EBU and display type to timeline view (this is a key point that cannot be missed).  The SMPTE/EBU must be selected when the controller is generating his own or reading SMPTE.


Once finished, add the media files into the timeline.  In this case we are using four AV Binloop Uncompressed where each unit will be playing a video file named “My Video File 01”.


Align each video so all AV Binloop Uncompressed units start at the same time. Right click on the first video file and choose Edit Event. For this example, here we are using a SPlay Event to all the Repro2KU cards that belong to 4KG1.

Followed by the settings on the next window.

Once finished save the script file and send it into the controller. After rebooting, click on Connect and press the button #1 to trigger the Arm Timeline sequence to run.

If you want to see the cursor moving over the Timeline View simply double click Seq. Video Timeline to scrub to a specific time in the timeline then enter the new time on your SMPTE generator and the cursor will move to that point.

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