24-Track (12 Slot Digital Binloop) to 32-Track (16 Slot Digital Binloop) Migration Guide

The 24-Track (12 Slot) Digital Binloop was produced between 1996-2005. Even though this span reaches over 20 years ago, there are still some cases of this product in active use in theme parks installations to this day. If this product needs to be serviced, we are unfortunately no longer able to accommodate any requests. Our recommendation is to move forward into purchasing a 16-slot Digital Binloop as the replacement, which debuted in 2006, but is still produced and supported to this day.

The 12-slot to 16-slot change was a major overhaul to that product. Because of this, the 12-slot Reproducer cards are not compatible with the new 16-slot cage. However, all the external connections are the same, which makes the replacement process easy.

Attached is a short Migration Guide PDF from 12-slot Digital Binloop to 16-slot Digital Binloop that explains it in more detail.
If you require a quote for a new 16-slot Digital Binloop, please contact and we'll be happy to assist you!
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